Welcome to Lajoie for Life!

Come on in! Hang up your coat and put down your pack. 

Your healing path has brought you here to my doorstep. I can see that you have been on a weary journey and have been carrying a heavy load. Come sit for awhile and let’s have some tea. There is time to talk about all that has happened. There is space to explore where you are going. There is a way for you to connect with who you truly are and to get to know yourself again more deeply.

We will talk about many things. About your life, your loves, your hopes, your dreams. We will talk about your pain, your disappointments, your anger, and longing. We will talk about the devastating woundings and enduring healings that you have experienced on this journey so far.

And you will find ways to live inside your own body again. You will experience new ways of being with yourself. You will feel the aliveness that courses through you and wants to express itself creatively. You will begin to trust your own inner wisdom and power. 

And as we deepen into your work you will learn many things about yourself. You will connect with your own innate inner healer who knows what you need to grow and transform. You will be invited to let go of those thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you on your path. You will learn to value and hold yourself with the love and compassion you have always deserved. 

We will explore what it means to let go of control and trust the vibrancy of your own life force as transformation takes you deeper into your true self. We will invite the mystery of who you truly are into a dance of connection and authenticity with the life that you are living. We will discover your joy for life.

And while we sit and sip our tea you will re-member yourself back into wholeness. 

So come on in. I’ll put the kettle on. Let’s get started.

And So The Work Begins…

Many of us come to this work from a place of pain or suffering. We are looking for an answer, or a change, or just relief from what we perceive as the cause of our suffering. We may have tried to escape or deny what we are experiencing but eventually our old belief patterns bring us back to our basic woundings and the pain they cary. We have lost the spark of aliveness and have little joy in life itself.

So we turn to inner work and guided self exploration for clues to unravel the mystery of who we are. When we do, we find an inner universe of perpetual mystery and limitless possibility that is always available if we are willing to let go of our agendas and enter on its terms. We must leave all of our demands, entitlements, and expectations at the gate as we step over the threshold into our inner self.


Do you Feel Alive?

And we start with your present experience and asking where do you feel the most alive? And where do you not? What is here in you? Who is showing up and what you holding? We explore you present awareness of aliveness through a holistic approach that includes your inner relationship to your body, heart, and mind as well as your outer relationship to other people, how your purpose gets expressed, your connection to the organic world, and lastly the ways that you commune with the mystery of life itself.

And through this exploration we will begin reconnecting you to the life force that lives and flows through you, naturally and organically. We will tend to the wounds and suffering that you have endured that have separated you from that life force. And, if you are willing, you will let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back. You will enter into a deep loving relationship with your life and the vitality that flows through it.


What The Work Requires


This work requires us to see what is beyond our own personal likes and dislikes. It asks us to be curious about things we don’t know about ourselves yet. It invites us to be tolerant of the discomfort of not knowing while the mystery of our own inner healing wisdom unfolds at its own pace.


And we need to stay with it. There is not a quick fix. There are no bandaids or magic potion that will fix all of our problems in one session. So we need to commit to showing up regardless of how it feels. We need to  be patient with the organic process that operates outside of linear time to give it time to grow.


And we need to develop a sense of compassion for ourselves as we wrestle and struggle with our belief patterns and defense structures. We need to hold ourselves with love and understanding and recognize that resistance or defensiveness is an invitation into a deeper knowing of ourselves. They are doorways to the deepest parts of ourselves as long as we approach them with love and compassion.

Willingness to Grow

This work is ultimately about growth and transformation. Your work asks you change and let go of that which is in the way to come to a deeper more fulfilled experience of yourself. It is natural for us to hold on to who we thought we were supposed to be or who we think we have to be. However, to nourish the spark of aliveness that lives inside of us and let it flourish we must be willing to change and grow. 


Where The Work Will Lead You

As we begin to let go of expectation and agenda the work leads us into the mystery of who we are. The work will take you where you need to go. It will show you what you need to see and challenge you to step into your own embodied sense of personal power, joy, and creativity. In short, it will lead you into being more alive and present to yourself.

My hope for you is that you may discover your own joy for life.


About Me

I am a healer, artist, teacher, and maker who has been creating my entire life. As a child I would spend hours with pens and paper creating magical worlds and going on grand adventures in addition to building model airplanes, making forts, and painting whenever I could. I believe deeply in the healing and transformative power of creativity that flows through all of us and connects us to a deeper sense of self.

I also work with my wife Chris at Creative Juices Arts co-creating and facilitatingn expressive arts classes, workshops, and the Creative Juices Arts Expressive Arts Teacher Training program. I love supporting people to step into their own power and strength by connecting with their authentic aliveness. I am trained in the Hakomi method of somatic psychotherapy.

Working Together

 I offer individual hour long or hour and a half sessions as well as day long experiential sessions where we explore creativity, connection, authentic expression, embodiment, empowerment, and whatever else arises in you by using the expressive arts and creative process.

Please reach out using the form below to setup a free half hour consultation where we can get to know each other and talk about how we can work together.

I look forward to hearing from you and starting this journey together.



I enjoy sharing my thoughts about healing, the creative process, transformation and growth so please check out my blog if you do too. You can always find my most recent article below. Thanks for taking a look.

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